9–13 December 2007 — Melbourne, Australia

Connecting Teaching, Research and Industry through Engineering Education

The AAEE 2007 conference will be held at the University of Melbourne. A major theme will be ‘Connecting Teaching, Research and Industry through Engineering Education’.

Australia, as other developed countries, is in the midst of an engineering boom.

What does industry want from our graduates?

How can we bring teaching, research, and industry needs closer together?

What further education do graduates require once they are in the workplace?

There will be a sequence of industry papers plus a forum to hear from invited industry representatives of their experience with our recent graduates.

The program promises an engineering education extravaganza, intended for both new academics and experienced practitioners:

There will be an opportunity to forge syndicates of researchers across universities to get involved in formal research in engineering education.

More details can be found in the AAEE 2007 Program. Come and join us and immerse yourself in inspiring discussions about the future of engineering education!

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